Photo's of Ryan DeCook's Recife Mission

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sorry for the wait....

It has been a very long timew since I have written you guys and I am sorry for that. The past couple of weeks have gone by so fast. I dont even believe it is already the end of january... Six more months to baptize Recife Brazil. So transferes ae next week and I am already getting excited... or stressed lol I have been here in this area for almost 7 months now. So it is very likely that i will be leaving. Even though I have no desire what so ever so leave. This ward is amazong and the memebrs help us in everyway you could think of. The youth as well are amazing. we have 12 youth called as ward missionaries and every sunday we have a district meeting to be accoutnable for our work that week. It is amazing to see this youth doing this work so well. I can honestly say it is because of them that we are baptizing. They are who follow up with our investigators. Really is something amazing! Last satrday we had to marriages that went relly really well! George got maried and baptizewd in the same night and it was really such an honor to see it al happen. He is such a speacial person who has an unbelievable potential. He is almost done reading the BOM. This week all the missionaries in the wold have a broadcast that should be awesome! Really excited to see the church growing and progressing! So on the sad side of things I am living in brazil and havent played soccer in over 2 months... I never in my life thought that would happen. I really can not rememebr much else that happened... If you guys have any questions send me an email! I want to know how you guuys ae doing!

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