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Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year!

Wow, it really just blows my mind thinking that it is 2017.... I am coming home this year... but that is not what is important. So something funny this weekend, we had a baptism all set and ready to go and then out of now where victor (our inv.) got chicken pox..... so the baptism has been delayed haha We actually had a pretrty good week of work this week depite all the drunks and loud music. Here in brasil they celebrate new years way more than christmas. It is a huge party that started saturday morning and is just now eneding hahaha we passed it with an awesome family qwho grilled out and had a ton of food! wich was awesome. I guess I also didnt talk about christmas. We passed christmas wqith another awesome family where we played secret santa with desserts and then a couple of cool games! I also got a tie and mug! I am really loving this ward, not only do they help a ton with the work but they really are just there for the missionaries. We are really working well and finding our rythm here which is nice. Our inv. George is getting married the 20th and baptized the same day so we are tryingto plan and get all that ready so it can go smoothly! We also have another inv. we met last week who is progressing really fast! She had problems with coffee, smoking, and drugs. We got there one day and she looks and me and says "I have something for you". I am just thinking what does she have for me. then In the creepiest like strnagest way she hands over these pills... "I forgot to give these to you the other day" she said (because the other day she gave us all here cigarettes. But you she is really changing and now I have some sort of drugs on me... But things are going really well here. I am happy for this new year and all the change that is going to happen! I hope you guys have a great start to the year and that you can actually figure out how to stick with your goals for more then 6 weeks! Love and miss you guys!

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