Photo's of Ryan DeCook's Recife Mission

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Just another week!

So I really can not in any way remember what happened this week. everythign flew by so fast. We are really running around trying to follow up with a couple of families we are teaching and getting ready some others for baptism this month. This week we are preparing Edwardo. His wife is a memeber already but was less active. But they are really amazing and have already xchanged so much! 

Mothers day is this weekend so really excited baout that. And this saturday we have several activities in the church building so it should be a good week! I hope everyone is doing well! 

love and miss you guys! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Wow, this week was an awesome week. I have been working like crazy... Here in the mission, we have really given a big push to find more people rto teach and it has been going well! But now we have a ton of people to teach and here in Cabo it is very had to follow up with everyone because the area is so big... And then we have to continue finding at the same time.... Last week eveyr day we had to get a bus because we has to travel to other cities... Needless to say I am tired... but happy!

So on friday all of brazil went on strike which was aweosme. Evebrything was closed and public transport was almost stopped... Then yesterday was a holiday and eveyrhting was closed again. (that is why I am emailing today!) But saturday we had a baptism of a women named jaqueline! she is really awesome is really an elect of the lord!

I really have the hardest time trying to remember other things that happened duringmy week.. We al├žso had a service project saturday that left me sore for a couple of days. It is really sad to think how out of shape I am... I try to work out every morning for a good 30 min. but it is just not the same as playing and practicing soccer... Miss soccer a lot!

Miss and Love you guys! I can not believe summer is here.. The summer I come back home.... Anyways have a greatwek!

Monday, April 17, 2017

I think its april...

How is everyone doing!?!?! I miss you guys like crazy! I hope easter went fantastic for everyone! Here is was pretty calm hahaha nothing out of the norm. this week was a great week! yesterday was stake conference! Elder Lima from the 70 spoke and it was really awesome! WE had 10 inv. present which was awesome! I think they all loved it! There was close to 1000 people at stake conference, so ity was great. We are teaching this one women who went yesterday and loved it. She is marked for the 29th to be baptized. She is prgressing really well. We also are teaching this other family that is progressing really well! I am really excited to see where things go with them. They really like the church. They taught be a really big lesson. They have been going to other churches but none they liked because no one was friendly to them. Themother said the moment she walked in the church building someone came up and huggered her and greeted her. That first hug and welcome she will never forget for the rest of her life. It is really so important that we are welcoming and not judgmental. A simple hug has allowed this family to have a great interest in the church and will probably help them be an eternal fmaily. A warm welcome and a simple hug makes the difference. But ya things are going well here in Cabo! Trying to stay focused and finish strong. next wekk is transfers so we will see what happens! Love and miss you guys!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Good morning!

I hope everyone is doing just great because I am doing great! This week like every other has just flown by and I have no idea what happened.. I have the wort memory ever... we found two awesome families this week which is really exciting but like every other family here in brazil they need to get married... But we did teach this 24 year old women who was really interested! went back the next day to invite her to go to church with us and she was completly closed off and not wanting to talk to us... This can only mean that someone said something to her so I asked her "it seems like someone said something to you, what did they say?" ( I have learned I need to be more direct, so I am practicing) and of course she seemed suprised. Like I havent seem this happen 100 times already. But we will see what happens.. Whate else happened.. nope dont rememebr.. Pictures are at Love oyu guys like crazy! I hope everyone liked the brownie challenge haha

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a while since I have written i am sorry for that. It seems like an hour in the lan house just isnt enough sometimes. So I was transfered to a new area close to the beach. My area is on the beach actually but where we work is like an hour from there. My area is really big too which is awesome...... We are really focusing on finding people because when I got here the teaching group was not that big and there are like 8 couples that need to get married. which takers forever here in brasil... But the ward is a stong ward. Just trying to get a little bit more organized with the members and leaders. But I am excited to get to work with this ward. I hopw all is going well with you guys and that you guys have a great week! Lov and miss you guys!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sorry for the wait....

It has been a very long timew since I have written you guys and I am sorry for that. The past couple of weeks have gone by so fast. I dont even believe it is already the end of january... Six more months to baptize Recife Brazil. So transferes ae next week and I am already getting excited... or stressed lol I have been here in this area for almost 7 months now. So it is very likely that i will be leaving. Even though I have no desire what so ever so leave. This ward is amazong and the memebrs help us in everyway you could think of. The youth as well are amazing. we have 12 youth called as ward missionaries and every sunday we have a district meeting to be accoutnable for our work that week. It is amazing to see this youth doing this work so well. I can honestly say it is because of them that we are baptizing. They are who follow up with our investigators. Really is something amazing! Last satrday we had to marriages that went relly really well! George got maried and baptizewd in the same night and it was really such an honor to see it al happen. He is such a speacial person who has an unbelievable potential. He is almost done reading the BOM. This week all the missionaries in the wold have a broadcast that should be awesome! Really excited to see the church growing and progressing! So on the sad side of things I am living in brazil and havent played soccer in over 2 months... I never in my life thought that would happen. I really can not rememebr much else that happened... If you guys have any questions send me an email! I want to know how you guuys ae doing!

Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year!

Wow, it really just blows my mind thinking that it is 2017.... I am coming home this year... but that is not what is important. So something funny this weekend, we had a baptism all set and ready to go and then out of now where victor (our inv.) got chicken pox..... so the baptism has been delayed haha We actually had a pretrty good week of work this week depite all the drunks and loud music. Here in brasil they celebrate new years way more than christmas. It is a huge party that started saturday morning and is just now eneding hahaha we passed it with an awesome family qwho grilled out and had a ton of food! wich was awesome. I guess I also didnt talk about christmas. We passed christmas wqith another awesome family where we played secret santa with desserts and then a couple of cool games! I also got a tie and mug! I am really loving this ward, not only do they help a ton with the work but they really are just there for the missionaries. We are really working well and finding our rythm here which is nice. Our inv. George is getting married the 20th and baptized the same day so we are tryingto plan and get all that ready so it can go smoothly! We also have another inv. we met last week who is progressing really fast! She had problems with coffee, smoking, and drugs. We got there one day and she looks and me and says "I have something for you". I am just thinking what does she have for me. then In the creepiest like strnagest way she hands over these pills... "I forgot to give these to you the other day" she said (because the other day she gave us all here cigarettes. But you she is really changing and now I have some sort of drugs on me... But things are going really well here. I am happy for this new year and all the change that is going to happen! I hope you guys have a great start to the year and that you can actually figure out how to stick with your goals for more then 6 weeks! Love and miss you guys!