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Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

This week was a great week! Went really really well! Lets start with Monday! elder Telentino and I bought a christmas tree to put up in the apt. which turned out really cool! we still have to make some changes and add some things but it is really trunky to have an "actual tree" with lights haha But not as trunky as the one from last year my om sent me. That one is still on the wall in the other apt haha we also made these awesome cookies that elder davis knows how to make! They turnbed out really well. And then of course we played some soccer. Always dgood to play a little bit of soccer. Tuesday was just a lot of contacting referrals and talking to people but ent really well! nothing out of the ordinary. Wedensday we went on splits with elder thomas and his comp. I stayed with elder thomas here in my area and it was just a great day! We went to teach an inv. who ended up bringing one of his friends to the lesson and now 5 days latter he had a dream about the missionaries coming to interview him for baptism and is going to be baptized the 26. He has progressed so fast and changed already so much! His name is brorio. He is 18 and just loving the gospel. It is so awesome to see the change. The story of Brorio: We got there to teach them friday for the second time and there was this horrible music playing so loud. too loud to even really talk. Impossible for the spirit to be there. But we treied right. I got to the part of joseph smith and just said I am sorry I cant do this here and now with this music.. And they were like no no Lets go inside the house itll be better. It wasnt any better but they really wanted to ontinue. I was just done and pissed off already been praying the god would just burn their speaker or make it stop. and nothing. Finish and Brorio says the last prayer. Andf then after the wife of his friend denise says tell him what happned. I am just liek what happneed? Brorio just starts to ball his eyes out... And then out of no where the spirit is so strong even with the music. And then he tells us about the dream he had and how is is ready to be baptized. It was amazing. Almost cried myself haha It is these types of experiences that change your life and make the mission worth it. All I have to say is this Gospel is true. I have no doubt in my mind or heart. I have seen literally bring miracles into the lives of this people. You just have to have an open heeart. And be humble. Thursday we had district meeting and I taught. I think it went really well. I really enjoyed it a lot. Talked about teaching repentance vs inviting to repent. and then really tried to motivate the elders to be better. There is a big push to motivate the elders and it seems to be working well in our zone! then thursday night we had an activity in the church that went really really well! There are pictures! I taught about the gospel and then after had an awesome activity! hahah got a little messy lol Ya this weekend went well too! Nothing I can remember to report on just that the work is going great here. I love and miss you guys like crazy! Have a great week and never give up! PS dont forget about there should be a bunch of photos there!

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