Photo's of Ryan DeCook's Recife Mission

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hello everyone!

YA once again I am a slacker... this week went really well there was a lot that happened and a lot that didnt happen. I was either robbed by someone who has the slightest hand I have ever meet of I lost my wallet on the bus... It litterally had everything in it so technically until I got my other doucuments I am a no one here in brazil and could be put in jail. How awesome is that!!! I also stayed up friday night worried about to travel 2 hours to go look for sisters that were not answering their freaking cell phone. I was with elder thomas and these sisters earlier that day told us they might be going to tadch an invst. in an area that was not safe. So when they dont answer the phone from 9:30 until 12 at night you get worried and call president and then almost travel 2 hours in the middle of the night to go find them... It was an amazing feeling when we decided to call them one last time and they answered saying "Sorry elder the phone was on silent". But really it was great knowing they were ok but at the same time wanted to kill them...... Other than that we had an awesome meeting yetserday with the ward missionaries. We have 12 youth and 2 couples as ward missionaried so things are going really well. We are really trying to excite the ward about this work, Wer have a couple acivities planned and all so it should be good. Next week we should also have a couple baptisms if everything goes well! Well I love an miss you guys like crazy! I can not believe it is getting cold there because it is just getting hotter and hotter here I really just want to die some days stading in the hot sun. But at the same time I wouldnt want to be anywhere else in the world. It is weird this whole mission thing haha I miss home but dont want to go home... Jk Mother I want to go home!!! ;) But ya I hope you guys have an amazing week!

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