Photo's of Ryan DeCook's Recife Mission

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

73 days till x-mas

I dont even know where to start becasue today is quarta (hold on i am thinking....... wednesday! ) it has been so long! Just a quick ecap! Monday we made smores and grilled out and played soccer! We had a baptism sunday that went so awesome! He has been going to church for some time now but his parents avent. His dad is so totally excited bout it all and wants to be baptized but his wife doesnt want to get married... Have a itle biut of work to do there. Edwarda and Lidiane are neighbors who are really awsome. They were planed to be baptized soon but satan is working well... It is one of those really sad times as a missionary. Everything is going so well and then out of now where the floor falls out. But we are working closely with them! We got a new mission leader who is really excited to work! I am really excited to get organized with him and get the work moving with the memebrs! what else.... oh yesterday we had a training given by sister Bigelow about planning and making goals. It was awesome. It went really well! I am really excited to see how this will change the zone! we also had mission metting... no i dnt know what it is in english , concelho da missao. it went really well and aslo training for new ZL ( my comp) It went realy well too! I lanred so many things it was awesome! President really likes to talk about the scriptures so we spent about the first 3 hours just studying the scriptures. It qwas amazing! But that really is all i can rememebr! Go to to see more photos and everything! Love and miss you guys like crazy!

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