Photo's of Ryan DeCook's Recife Mission

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25, 2016

Wow, I was about to start this email with the most depressing phrase haha but i am a missionary. This life is perfect (ha) but really it is pretty great. This week was really good. Flew by like it was no ones buisness but went well. Last monday I cut my hair and made lunch with some memebrs. (there are pics) and then played some soccer that was awesome. Wednesday we had a division or splits with the assistance that was really awesome. I stayed with elder fredrick (brazilian) and we had a really good day. We stayed here in the area and actually he has served here already so he know a lot about the area. It was really cool. This morning we had a training with sister and president bigelow that we freaking awesome. It ws about goals and making plans. Really learned a lot to help my in my life. Just have to aply it to my life now. Um this weekend bruno was confirmed a memeber and washington was baptized!!!! It was awesome. It is crazy to see how this gospel changes the lives of these people. We are now working towards baptizing washingtons mother who was at church sunday tro see her son be baptized. Actually it is his grabdmother but his mother wants nothingf with her life and his father was killed so he is staying with his grandmother who he calls mom. It is a crazy story but this young man is amazing. He makes me want to be better. There are pics of the baptism as well. There were life 60 people at the baptism it was freaking awersome!!! That is what really happened this week. All is well here. Transferes are next weekk but who knows what is going tohappen. I am excited though. I love and miss you gusya nd hope everyone is doing really well!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday (sunday) morning rain is falling

It really has been an oddly trunky week this week. we had an awesome week visiting everyione and finding a ton of new people to teach. We also started working with a new mission leader who is more than excited to get things going in the ward. last thursday we went to the temple and it was awesome! It is always awesome but was really great this time. I dont know why. Maybe because "I found what I was looking for".. Really this music thing has got to stop... But that nigt we went to a goiung away party for a young man going on his mission. He has been helping us a ton so I have gotten pretty close to him. He is a recent convert of three years. The only member in his family. An amazing young man. What else happened this week... I am very slow to think this morning... I am studying a lot about making goals and plans to acheive these goals.It is actually something so important in life. I have been ready a lot on this and trying to master technics of goal making and planning. going well so far. I am also ready the new testimant and it is going really well along with the book of mormon in portugese again. Really enjoying both of them . But that is all for today.. I love an miss you guys hope all is well back home! Dont forget to see photos at

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

73 days till x-mas

I dont even know where to start becasue today is quarta (hold on i am thinking....... wednesday! ) it has been so long! Just a quick ecap! Monday we made smores and grilled out and played soccer! We had a baptism sunday that went so awesome! He has been going to church for some time now but his parents avent. His dad is so totally excited bout it all and wants to be baptized but his wife doesnt want to get married... Have a itle biut of work to do there. Edwarda and Lidiane are neighbors who are really awsome. They were planed to be baptized soon but satan is working well... It is one of those really sad times as a missionary. Everything is going so well and then out of now where the floor falls out. But we are working closely with them! We got a new mission leader who is really excited to work! I am really excited to get organized with him and get the work moving with the memebrs! what else.... oh yesterday we had a training given by sister Bigelow about planning and making goals. It was awesome. It went really well! I am really excited to see how this will change the zone! we also had mission metting... no i dnt know what it is in english , concelho da missao. it went really well and aslo training for new ZL ( my comp) It went realy well too! I lanred so many things it was awesome! President really likes to talk about the scriptures so we spent about the first 3 hours just studying the scriptures. It qwas amazing! But that really is all i can rememebr! Go to to see more photos and everything! Love and miss you guys like crazy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 3, 2016

Seems like time is speeding up. At the beginning of the mission (in the CTM) I think I can say time had never passed slower, but now things are really moving. I am excited to be here and really getting into the missionary life. So last monday I got the sickest I have ever been here on the mission. Slept the whole day. But Like it was sad in my blessing befoe the mission that I would never be sick enough to not work, when 6 pm rolled around I was good enough to work. The whole week my body hads been off but I am doing better. I have really been showing the area around to my new comp elder Elias. He is really cool. We are getting along pretty well so far! nothing to obig this week other than we are walking like freaking crazy... this area is huge and unfortunately we have investogators on other ends of the world. We are trying to focus more in one area closer o the building now. General conference ths past weekend was amaizing... If you guys didnt get a change you guys should totally watch this talk at least. It was really good along with tons of others! Well ok that was my week. Not much to report. I will TRY to get better at writing during the week. Also check out for more and for pictures! Have a great week!