Photo's of Ryan DeCook's Recife Mission

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 52...

Hello everyone! So I hit one year on the mission this last week. Kinda crazy. But wasnt anything special haha This week went by so fast. Saw a ton of miracles this week though. It was great. aI actually wrote on the blog this week so make sure to go there and read what happened this week and see the photos. We had a killer service project moving 90lbs bags of ciment up and down these huge hills to get it to this house. It was quite the experience. I uploaded a video to the blog. Sunday was stake conference that went really well. Elder Bassett spoke and it was awesome. He has 7 weeks her ein brazil and is speaking just fine. Accent of course but spoke really well! Other thank that I really dont know. Last night elder Ferreira was ungry so he called a sister odf the ward and asked if she had food and if we could go over to eat lololol it was hilarious. This sister is amazing and the dinner she prepared in 30 min was amazing. I should have taken a picture. But ya thay is all I can remember right now! I love you guys and hope youguys ahave a great week!

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