Photo's of Ryan DeCook's Recife Mission

Monday, September 12, 2016


Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing week! Let me try and think about my week.... last monday we had this training on eating right and working out and i wa sore for two days after. We had like this test and in 3 months we will return to see if we improved. I am sad to say I am so out of shape it isnt even funny... I and all the elders in our apartment (bc we live with another dupla) have been doing a ton of workouts in the morning. it has been great. We have also been eating a lot healthier. I just need to keep it up! Ya I am having the hardest time rememebring things. I need to write a littl every day but i feel like I never have time... I havent even had time to study in the past four weeks it has been rediculous. OHHHHH tuesday we had, I think it is called mission council in english.... IDK. But all the ZL get togetehr to discuse how the mission is doing and what we need to do to be better. It was really awesome. I am really enjoying being a part of this mission more and more. It is also awesome because Pres Bigelow teahces douctrine and when he teaches douctrine it is just something else. Amazing so it was cool. wednesday I think was like independance day for brazil so all the missionaries in brazil did some sort of service project in the morning. We went to a near by park and cleaned it up as a zone. It was pretty cool after the fact the elder luceiro and I got lost trying to get there. we ended up walking like 2 miles just to get there it was insane... there are pictures on the blog! thursday we havew district meeting which is always awesome. A trio of sisters got sick so Elder thomas ended up teaching last minute but it went perfectly! He is a great DL. we talked about diligance. (if that is how you spell it) Something really important in our lives. in the GEE (this is portugese, the dictionary at the back of the scriptures) gives an awesome definition. Friday was a normal day nothing special. The youth in our ward are freakingh awesome and work/divide with us all the time! It is so awesome. They also give some awesome references! Makes me feel like i need to repent for never going out with the missionaries in the ard back home... oh well. We have a lot of couplkes that need to get married in order to get baptized. thisis our biggest problem right now. Oh i forgot that we had a service project that was just crazy. So we were moving brick to the second story of our bishops new house. but the problem is he doesnt have stairs... So we were throwing them up to the second stroy. It was actually pretty awesome. Really tired and a slittle sore but went well! I am sending a vidoe! check the blog Saturday we had an pen house that went well. We have 3 wards that meet in our building so we didnt get as many references as we were hooing but we talked with a ton of people! Went well! and Sunday. Went well. We had a couple investiagtors and a couple people visiting which was cool! And lunch was great! always great on sunday! but other than that that was my week. I am gettin galong well with my comp which is good. We do have a couple things we need to get better at but we are getting there! I hope you all have an amazing week and count all the miracles that happen. Because they happen more often than you think. Love and miss you guys! Elder DeCook

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