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Monday, September 26, 2016

Another Companion!!!

So we had transfers this morning. I got a new comp named elder elias. He is from sao paulo and has 8 months on the mission. Everyoine says he is really awesome so I am really excited to get to know him! It should be good! This week was crazy... I really dont know what happened. (I am having dificultis thinking right now. I think i might be getting sick...) But last monday I think we played soccer and ate cake to celebrate the last Pday of some of th elders here on their mission. Soccer was awesome because everyone palayed. Tuesday I have no idea.. oh so we were in divison with some young men going on their mission it went really well! found a ton of new people to teach and helped a lt of others! Wednesday I was in division with elder Thomas which was awsome! We had a great day and found some more people to teach. I think we dreampt about going on splits togetehr in the CTM haha and t actually happened. It wqas awsome. Love that dude. thursday we had zone conference! It was awesome... I ended up leading and training. Leading went well I think but the training who knows. Presdidnet was there and there were a bunch of other sisters and elders. It was a great experience hahaha But really I learned so much. Prsidente talked about some commandments of god. I learned so much... Lets just say you rally need to pay your tithing haha friday ya I have no ida.... saturday as well have no idea... wow but yesterday church went rally well! We had a couple investigators which was awesome! but after that there were a bunch of sisters who made food for use bc my companion was leaviong the area.... A ton of people cried it was a good day. I am currently feeling the effcts of all the food yesterday. I litterally almost exploaded. But this week I have ben sudying a lot about tithing. It reallyu is an interesting commandment of god. It is so much more than just paying 10% of what you make.. but I plan on doing this for the next couple weeks so I can help my inv. Really understand wqhy I am inviting them to keep these comandments. Really I every timwe I invite someone to do something I am inviting them to repent and change their lives. 9what we learned in zone conference) realy awesome I am doing well. Like I said I think I am going to be a little sick this week but My spirit controls my body. Lets put it to the test this week! I am now living with elder luceiro, talentino ( Who I was DL of him in myt last ara so it should be rally awesome) and my new comp elder elias. I am really excited to see what is in store for me this week! Hope youguys have a great week! Dont forget to look at the photos on the website Love and miss you guuys!

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