Photo's of Ryan DeCook's Recife Mission

Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wow, I really can not believe that this week is christmas... My second christmas in brazil, with super hot weather, away from home and family. It really is something you can not explain with words. You learn so many things and realize the importance of family. This week was a great week. The work in my area is really flying. We did a lot of stuff this week. 2 service projects, one digging post holes by hand using primative tools. The holw time I was just thinking about how we have a machine that diggs these holes in 30 seconds..... I like to work but I like to work more with my head then brut force. Had an amazing baptism this weekedn. Dacio is an amazing young man how is seriously an elect of the lord. His parents came to church for the first time to see the baptism and is was one of the most spiritual meetings I have been to. Everyone was crying and it was just great! His parents will be baptized soon! Other than that we are workin out butts off to be the example in the zone and it seems to be going well so far. We just have to give a little more attention to the zone and some specif cases but things are going well so far. We have high hopes to hit all of our goals this month! I love you guys and hope all is going well back home in the season of christmas! I miss and love you uys like crazy! have and amazing christmas with family!!!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Dec 12, 2016

I will try to take some more time to actually write this email! this week was so busy. The first week of the month is always full of meetings. we did get a lot planned which was good but for our own area it was hard to plan anything. just planed witht he mission the two stakes and our zone. This week will will be focusing a lot more on our area. We have found some amazing families that we are trying to help progress in the gospel. Today actrually we will be going to be the testimony for a couple to get married! It is very exciting because they are just awesome! Learning a lot recently and study about the atonement ofd chirst. Really trying to conhecer (It means to know but on a personal lever so it is so much better than in english) my savior. I hope you guys have an amzing week! Love andmiss you guys!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Nov 28, 2016

So this week went by so fast. We went on two splits this weeks and ran around doing interviews for baptism. Going on splits was great. I stayed with Macedo (my old comp who is now AP) and Elder thomas (my brother). It went so well We learned a lot and talked a lot about how to improve the elders! yetserday we had a huge meeting with our ward missionaries that went awesome! We have 5 sets that are going to help us teach every week! It wil be great! Other tyhan that we had a bunch of lessons this week and it went really well! I love you guys so mucha dn hoope you guys have a great week!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hello everyone!

YA once again I am a slacker... this week went really well there was a lot that happened and a lot that didnt happen. I was either robbed by someone who has the slightest hand I have ever meet of I lost my wallet on the bus... It litterally had everything in it so technically until I got my other doucuments I am a no one here in brazil and could be put in jail. How awesome is that!!! I also stayed up friday night worried about to travel 2 hours to go look for sisters that were not answering their freaking cell phone. I was with elder thomas and these sisters earlier that day told us they might be going to tadch an invst. in an area that was not safe. So when they dont answer the phone from 9:30 until 12 at night you get worried and call president and then almost travel 2 hours in the middle of the night to go find them... It was an amazing feeling when we decided to call them one last time and they answered saying "Sorry elder the phone was on silent". But really it was great knowing they were ok but at the same time wanted to kill them...... Other than that we had an awesome meeting yetserday with the ward missionaries. We have 12 youth and 2 couples as ward missionaried so things are going really well. We are really trying to excite the ward about this work, Wer have a couple acivities planned and all so it should be good. Next week we should also have a couple baptisms if everything goes well! Well I love an miss you guys like crazy! I can not believe it is getting cold there because it is just getting hotter and hotter here I really just want to die some days stading in the hot sun. But at the same time I wouldnt want to be anywhere else in the world. It is weird this whole mission thing haha I miss home but dont want to go home... Jk Mother I want to go home!!! ;) But ya I hope you guys have an amazing week!

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

This week was a great week! Went really really well! Lets start with Monday! elder Telentino and I bought a christmas tree to put up in the apt. which turned out really cool! we still have to make some changes and add some things but it is really trunky to have an "actual tree" with lights haha But not as trunky as the one from last year my om sent me. That one is still on the wall in the other apt haha we also made these awesome cookies that elder davis knows how to make! They turnbed out really well. And then of course we played some soccer. Always dgood to play a little bit of soccer. Tuesday was just a lot of contacting referrals and talking to people but ent really well! nothing out of the ordinary. Wedensday we went on splits with elder thomas and his comp. I stayed with elder thomas here in my area and it was just a great day! We went to teach an inv. who ended up bringing one of his friends to the lesson and now 5 days latter he had a dream about the missionaries coming to interview him for baptism and is going to be baptized the 26. He has progressed so fast and changed already so much! His name is brorio. He is 18 and just loving the gospel. It is so awesome to see the change. The story of Brorio: We got there to teach them friday for the second time and there was this horrible music playing so loud. too loud to even really talk. Impossible for the spirit to be there. But we treied right. I got to the part of joseph smith and just said I am sorry I cant do this here and now with this music.. And they were like no no Lets go inside the house itll be better. It wasnt any better but they really wanted to ontinue. I was just done and pissed off already been praying the god would just burn their speaker or make it stop. and nothing. Finish and Brorio says the last prayer. Andf then after the wife of his friend denise says tell him what happned. I am just liek what happneed? Brorio just starts to ball his eyes out... And then out of no where the spirit is so strong even with the music. And then he tells us about the dream he had and how is is ready to be baptized. It was amazing. Almost cried myself haha It is these types of experiences that change your life and make the mission worth it. All I have to say is this Gospel is true. I have no doubt in my mind or heart. I have seen literally bring miracles into the lives of this people. You just have to have an open heeart. And be humble. Thursday we had district meeting and I taught. I think it went really well. I really enjoyed it a lot. Talked about teaching repentance vs inviting to repent. and then really tried to motivate the elders to be better. There is a big push to motivate the elders and it seems to be working well in our zone! then thursday night we had an activity in the church that went really really well! There are pictures! I taught about the gospel and then after had an awesome activity! hahah got a little messy lol Ya this weekend went well too! Nothing I can remember to report on just that the work is going great here. I love and miss you guys like crazy! Have a great week and never give up! PS dont forget about there should be a bunch of photos there!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25, 2016

Wow, I was about to start this email with the most depressing phrase haha but i am a missionary. This life is perfect (ha) but really it is pretty great. This week was really good. Flew by like it was no ones buisness but went well. Last monday I cut my hair and made lunch with some memebrs. (there are pics) and then played some soccer that was awesome. Wednesday we had a division or splits with the assistance that was really awesome. I stayed with elder fredrick (brazilian) and we had a really good day. We stayed here in the area and actually he has served here already so he know a lot about the area. It was really cool. This morning we had a training with sister and president bigelow that we freaking awesome. It ws about goals and making plans. Really learned a lot to help my in my life. Just have to aply it to my life now. Um this weekend bruno was confirmed a memeber and washington was baptized!!!! It was awesome. It is crazy to see how this gospel changes the lives of these people. We are now working towards baptizing washingtons mother who was at church sunday tro see her son be baptized. Actually it is his grabdmother but his mother wants nothingf with her life and his father was killed so he is staying with his grandmother who he calls mom. It is a crazy story but this young man is amazing. He makes me want to be better. There are pics of the baptism as well. There were life 60 people at the baptism it was freaking awersome!!! That is what really happened this week. All is well here. Transferes are next weekk but who knows what is going tohappen. I am excited though. I love and miss you gusya nd hope everyone is doing really well!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday (sunday) morning rain is falling

It really has been an oddly trunky week this week. we had an awesome week visiting everyione and finding a ton of new people to teach. We also started working with a new mission leader who is more than excited to get things going in the ward. last thursday we went to the temple and it was awesome! It is always awesome but was really great this time. I dont know why. Maybe because "I found what I was looking for".. Really this music thing has got to stop... But that nigt we went to a goiung away party for a young man going on his mission. He has been helping us a ton so I have gotten pretty close to him. He is a recent convert of three years. The only member in his family. An amazing young man. What else happened this week... I am very slow to think this morning... I am studying a lot about making goals and plans to acheive these goals.It is actually something so important in life. I have been ready a lot on this and trying to master technics of goal making and planning. going well so far. I am also ready the new testimant and it is going really well along with the book of mormon in portugese again. Really enjoying both of them . But that is all for today.. I love an miss you guys hope all is well back home! Dont forget to see photos at

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

73 days till x-mas

I dont even know where to start becasue today is quarta (hold on i am thinking....... wednesday! ) it has been so long! Just a quick ecap! Monday we made smores and grilled out and played soccer! We had a baptism sunday that went so awesome! He has been going to church for some time now but his parents avent. His dad is so totally excited bout it all and wants to be baptized but his wife doesnt want to get married... Have a itle biut of work to do there. Edwarda and Lidiane are neighbors who are really awsome. They were planed to be baptized soon but satan is working well... It is one of those really sad times as a missionary. Everything is going so well and then out of now where the floor falls out. But we are working closely with them! We got a new mission leader who is really excited to work! I am really excited to get organized with him and get the work moving with the memebrs! what else.... oh yesterday we had a training given by sister Bigelow about planning and making goals. It was awesome. It went really well! I am really excited to see how this will change the zone! we also had mission metting... no i dnt know what it is in english , concelho da missao. it went really well and aslo training for new ZL ( my comp) It went realy well too! I lanred so many things it was awesome! President really likes to talk about the scriptures so we spent about the first 3 hours just studying the scriptures. It qwas amazing! But that really is all i can rememebr! Go to to see more photos and everything! Love and miss you guys like crazy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 3, 2016

Seems like time is speeding up. At the beginning of the mission (in the CTM) I think I can say time had never passed slower, but now things are really moving. I am excited to be here and really getting into the missionary life. So last monday I got the sickest I have ever been here on the mission. Slept the whole day. But Like it was sad in my blessing befoe the mission that I would never be sick enough to not work, when 6 pm rolled around I was good enough to work. The whole week my body hads been off but I am doing better. I have really been showing the area around to my new comp elder Elias. He is really cool. We are getting along pretty well so far! nothing to obig this week other than we are walking like freaking crazy... this area is huge and unfortunately we have investogators on other ends of the world. We are trying to focus more in one area closer o the building now. General conference ths past weekend was amaizing... If you guys didnt get a change you guys should totally watch this talk at least. It was really good along with tons of others! Well ok that was my week. Not much to report. I will TRY to get better at writing during the week. Also check out for more and for pictures! Have a great week!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Another Companion!!!

So we had transfers this morning. I got a new comp named elder elias. He is from sao paulo and has 8 months on the mission. Everyoine says he is really awesome so I am really excited to get to know him! It should be good! This week was crazy... I really dont know what happened. (I am having dificultis thinking right now. I think i might be getting sick...) But last monday I think we played soccer and ate cake to celebrate the last Pday of some of th elders here on their mission. Soccer was awesome because everyone palayed. Tuesday I have no idea.. oh so we were in divison with some young men going on their mission it went really well! found a ton of new people to teach and helped a lt of others! Wednesday I was in division with elder Thomas which was awsome! We had a great day and found some more people to teach. I think we dreampt about going on splits togetehr in the CTM haha and t actually happened. It wqas awsome. Love that dude. thursday we had zone conference! It was awesome... I ended up leading and training. Leading went well I think but the training who knows. Presdidnet was there and there were a bunch of other sisters and elders. It was a great experience hahaha But really I learned so much. Prsidente talked about some commandments of god. I learned so much... Lets just say you rally need to pay your tithing haha friday ya I have no ida.... saturday as well have no idea... wow but yesterday church went rally well! We had a couple investigators which was awesome! but after that there were a bunch of sisters who made food for use bc my companion was leaviong the area.... A ton of people cried it was a good day. I am currently feeling the effcts of all the food yesterday. I litterally almost exploaded. But this week I have ben sudying a lot about tithing. It reallyu is an interesting commandment of god. It is so much more than just paying 10% of what you make.. but I plan on doing this for the next couple weeks so I can help my inv. Really understand wqhy I am inviting them to keep these comandments. Really I every timwe I invite someone to do something I am inviting them to repent and change their lives. 9what we learned in zone conference) realy awesome I am doing well. Like I said I think I am going to be a little sick this week but My spirit controls my body. Lets put it to the test this week! I am now living with elder luceiro, talentino ( Who I was DL of him in myt last ara so it should be rally awesome) and my new comp elder elias. I am really excited to see what is in store for me this week! Hope youguys have a great week! Dont forget to look at the photos on the website Love and miss you guuys!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 52...

Hello everyone! So I hit one year on the mission this last week. Kinda crazy. But wasnt anything special haha This week went by so fast. Saw a ton of miracles this week though. It was great. aI actually wrote on the blog this week so make sure to go there and read what happened this week and see the photos. We had a killer service project moving 90lbs bags of ciment up and down these huge hills to get it to this house. It was quite the experience. I uploaded a video to the blog. Sunday was stake conference that went really well. Elder Bassett spoke and it was awesome. He has 7 weeks her ein brazil and is speaking just fine. Accent of course but spoke really well! Other thank that I really dont know. Last night elder Ferreira was ungry so he called a sister odf the ward and asked if she had food and if we could go over to eat lololol it was hilarious. This sister is amazing and the dinner she prepared in 30 min was amazing. I should have taken a picture. But ya thay is all I can remember right now! I love you guys and hope youguys ahave a great week!

Monday, September 12, 2016


Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing week! Let me try and think about my week.... last monday we had this training on eating right and working out and i wa sore for two days after. We had like this test and in 3 months we will return to see if we improved. I am sad to say I am so out of shape it isnt even funny... I and all the elders in our apartment (bc we live with another dupla) have been doing a ton of workouts in the morning. it has been great. We have also been eating a lot healthier. I just need to keep it up! Ya I am having the hardest time rememebring things. I need to write a littl every day but i feel like I never have time... I havent even had time to study in the past four weeks it has been rediculous. OHHHHH tuesday we had, I think it is called mission council in english.... IDK. But all the ZL get togetehr to discuse how the mission is doing and what we need to do to be better. It was really awesome. I am really enjoying being a part of this mission more and more. It is also awesome because Pres Bigelow teahces douctrine and when he teaches douctrine it is just something else. Amazing so it was cool. wednesday I think was like independance day for brazil so all the missionaries in brazil did some sort of service project in the morning. We went to a near by park and cleaned it up as a zone. It was pretty cool after the fact the elder luceiro and I got lost trying to get there. we ended up walking like 2 miles just to get there it was insane... there are pictures on the blog! thursday we havew district meeting which is always awesome. A trio of sisters got sick so Elder thomas ended up teaching last minute but it went perfectly! He is a great DL. we talked about diligance. (if that is how you spell it) Something really important in our lives. in the GEE (this is portugese, the dictionary at the back of the scriptures) gives an awesome definition. Friday was a normal day nothing special. The youth in our ward are freakingh awesome and work/divide with us all the time! It is so awesome. They also give some awesome references! Makes me feel like i need to repent for never going out with the missionaries in the ard back home... oh well. We have a lot of couplkes that need to get married in order to get baptized. thisis our biggest problem right now. Oh i forgot that we had a service project that was just crazy. So we were moving brick to the second story of our bishops new house. but the problem is he doesnt have stairs... So we were throwing them up to the second stroy. It was actually pretty awesome. Really tired and a slittle sore but went well! I am sending a vidoe! check the blog Saturday we had an pen house that went well. We have 3 wards that meet in our building so we didnt get as many references as we were hooing but we talked with a ton of people! Went well! and Sunday. Went well. We had a couple investiagtors and a couple people visiting which was cool! And lunch was great! always great on sunday! but other than that that was my week. I am gettin galong well with my comp which is good. We do have a couple things we need to get better at but we are getting there! I hope you all have an amazing week and count all the miracles that happen. Because they happen more often than you think. Love and miss you guys! Elder DeCook